Floating Stone Water Systems


Chlorine-Free/ionized water

Since water is becoming an increasingly important health factor, we have gone out of our way to make sure you will enjoy the healthiest water possible.  We double filter our water first with a copper-ionzed filtration system (Eco-Smarte) that removes the chlorine and other impurities, then we filter our drinking water using another filtration device at the tap.  This water is called “Kangen” water which is high in alkalinity (combating the acidic nature of much of our food),  micro-clustered (promoting deep hydration  - so important in the desert) and is ionized (preventing  free-radical damage to our cells).   Even our jacuzzi is chlorine-free and ionized.  In short, you will enjoy health benefits from just using the water we provide.

The properties of Kangen water include:

1.  Alkalinity:

This is important to one’s health as so much of the standard American diet is highly acidic in nature  - which contributes to many  of the degenerative conditions we face as we age such as arthritus, fibromyalgia, yeast conditions, diabetes, cancer, etc.  Just by drinking the water, we can help to neutralize the build- up of acidity within our systems.

2.  Micro-clustered Molecules:

Unless you are exposed to pure spring water, most water by the time it comes to you through the public water system has picked up various minerals, toxins, and other additives that contribute to the large size of the water molecule.  When filtered through the Kangen Water machine, the water is broken down into smaller water clusters that lead to much better hydration.  The water assimilates more quickly as we drink it so that we feel a higher sense of hydration without the “belly-full of too much water” feeling that often comes after drinking other liquids quickly, all at once.  Many people can drink and drink the Kangen Water without that over-full feeling ever coming on because of this better hydration feature.

3.  Ionization:

This is the most important aspect of the Kangen Water because it is a highly potent way of combating free-radical damage.  We have all heard of anti-oxidants.  They are what can fight the normal free-radical damage that occurs to our cells through normal aging.  Ionized water is an actual superior way of fighting free-radical damage.  Peggy Parker, is a pioneer in researching this area and has written pamphlets and books that explain this important feature.  You can google her name for more information on the research available.

To Learn More about our Water Systems:

Should you become interested in how you might install an Eco-Smarte whole-home water/pool or spa system for a chemical-free home, just let the manager know. We can arrange for a demonstration at the owner’s home and  explain how you can purchase and install your own system.  You can also call or email Linda Ellinor directly, the owner of the Floating Stone Casitas, at 707 217-6675 or lellinor25@gmail.com for more information on either of the water systems we use.

The link below will provide you with information on the filtration system we use at the Floating Stone Casitas: